For Sale! Mother's Day Cards

for sale, stationeryVirginia Hart2 Comments
With Mother's Day less than 3 weeks away, I wanted to create a batch of cards to share! There are so many wonderful card versions out there - but so many of them? ...feature a message written by somebody else. I decided to mix things up a bit and let you be in charge of the note by providing space to write 10 things you love about the motherly figure in your life. You can be sentimental or funny or a little bit of both. Trust me, she'll love it.

The flat 5"x7" cards are printed on smooth thick card stock, featuring a mixture of font & my calligraphy with a purple ombre background.

It comes with an envelope (with a sticker to write the recipient's address!) & a signed sticker on the back of each card.

Mom, if you're reading this...don't scroll down, okay? :)

(Pssst, anyone else reading? You can see how I filled mine out!)


There's plenty of space on the back, too, to include a personal message!

Want to purchase one to send?
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(P.S. Yes! I also have multi-purpose stationery packs for sale.)

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