Bits & Pieces

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I wanted to share some bits & pieces of my little life lately.
with miss Adrienne!

...taken after we chatted for hours & hours tucked away in the back of this restaurant
I love our dates so very much. I inevitably laugh so hard I cry!
P.S. We might have shared a waffle topped with ice cream ;)

 P & I trying to stay warm at Yankee stadium when it was cold 
& my first iced coffee of the season when it was warm.
Oh, and those same obnoxiously neon pants again. I just can't stop wearing them. It's a problem.

...more pics from the game! It went into 12 innings and we didn't get home until after 1 in the morning, but we did get to go underneath the stadium afterwards to see P's old teammate which obviously made everything worth it. They're a troublesome duo, those two :)

Oh, and Patrick also made me take a pic with Zack Hample and the two home run balls he caught that night. I had no idea who he was, but Patrick told me about an ESPN special they did of him. Any sports fans out there? Let me know if you've heard of him. He's all over the internet!

things that make me smile ::
1. My friend texted me this photo of the drawing I did of his mom's dog.
It's now hanging in her beach house. (makes me so happy!)
2. Miss Meaghan joined Instagram! This was a throwback to welcome her on board.
3. Patrick's mom is seriously the cutest.

^^^ this makes me smile, too. 

things that inspire me :: 
1. the color of taxi cabs. "Taxi Cab Yellow" should really replace "Goldenrod"
in the Crayola box if anyone at the crayon factory wants my opinion.
2. Some guy on the street told me my glitter shoes were blinding (well, I'm sorry!), but I love them.
3.  My old roommate's dresser is a doodad dream come true. I could spend hours playing with it all.

Love --> dinner dates with this tall man especially when the menu has a "from the heart" section (!) We went to Philip Marie and I ordered the Prince Edward Island mussels. My family & I went there 11 years ago. Have you seen Anne of Green Gables? (perhaps my all-time favorite!) PEI is its magical setting.

Hate --> While most people are experiencing the pleasant chirps & songs of bitty birds in springtime, New Yorkers wake up to big pigeons cooing & pecking their AC window units. (-.-)

In other news?

I saw Jodie Foster this weekend. She smiled the knowing smile of you know who I am. (Not to be confused with Witherspoon's supercilious behavior during her recent rendezvous with the police.) I also saw Simon Huck. Does he count as a celeb? Or is that only if you watch the Kardashians? (I'm guilty as charged.) I wanted to ask him if he & Jonathan are going to ever make up, but he looked a little busy.

Finding an apartment in NYC sans broker is like entering yourself into a rigged scavenger hunt with a million people. Blindfolded. Wish us luck?

I've been ordering Arnold Palmers everywhere I go. That's neither here nor there, but I wanted to share that tidbit.

My oldest brother is going to have a son in the matter of weeks. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Patrick & I have both been working most nights these days. ...which is a funny sight since we both work out of our teeny tiny space. But! We're taking tonight "off" and having a little date. We've been saving a bottle of wine our friends sent us all the way from Napa for a special occasion and we've decided, it's time.

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

until next time,