Recent Smiles

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a few recent smiles ~

packaging up Mother's Day cards (buy yours here!) // darling flowers keeping me company

The people at RAYGUN made. my. day. (Check out their store here.)
Needless to say, my I'm Not A Player I Just Blog A Lot shirt is my new favorite article of clothing.

errands with this one
(...what happens when I spend too long picking out shampoo.)
Big Guy wine.
"Using My Maiden Name" by Essie.
& a Crumbs cupcake sampler for my weekend hosts!

(These days? I drool over full-size furniture. That couch is just as comfy as it looks, by the way.) A weekend with this chickie at last! We went to an impromptu wine tasting in the morning (because you don't pass up free wine tasting no matter what time it is!) - they asked for my ID and a fellow customer laughed and told me I looked 12. Heh. I keep waiting for the whole looking-really-young thing to be a good thing.

My friend & her husband live outside of DC. We toured the local farmers market & shops at Historic Occoquan which is such a cute little area. How giant are those carrots? I had some of the gluten free banana bread, too. Yum.

And thennn we hit up the outlets at Potomac Mills where a surprise visitor came to say hello!

Unexpected Mom hugs? Sigh...the very best! It makes me sad, really, that run-ins at the mall can't happen more often...very much looking forward to our trip to Virginia in a little over a month!

First of all, please meet their rockstar dog, Bourbon.

We played a card game called Set Back. It was my first time playing and guess who won? Ahem! I'm not competitive or anything... By the way, grilling out on a deck? Sitting in warm sunshine? Telling stories and belly-laughing? Heavenly!

P.S. Another recent smile slash happy-sob-fest?
A big congratulatory / best wishes shout-out to this incredible couple who got engaged on Saturday night!

...and a little story about how they met, pulled from my FB status:

A few years ago, I was single on NYE and my girlfriend encouraged me to go out on the town. She insisted on being my "wing woman." Determined to conquer my shyness, I figured "Ok *fine* - I'll talk to a boy." We were at a bar in Brooklyn and I looked far across the room and said, "Him! He's cute! And tall!" I went up to him, asked him a few questions and about 40 seconds in, cut him off. I remember laughing to myself and thinking, "Oh my gosh he's perfect for her!" I told him he HAD to meet my girlfriend and I let the two of them talk for the rest of the night while I happily took over the wing woman role :) Last night that guy from the bar, my dear friend Steve, asked one of my best friends in the world, Adrienne, to be his wife :D Here's to an AMAZING couple!!!!!

They seriously are the cutest, and I've never seen her so truly happy. Also, I've never seen Steve not smiling in her presence. I'm over-the-moon giddy about witnessing this exciting time for them. Thanks for the cupid wings, you two!

P.P.S. With traffic delays, I spent nearly 13 hours on a bus this weekend. So yes, I watched the entire third season of Downton Abbey. I'm going to keep my big mouth shut for those of you who haven't watched it (go right now and do so), but....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In related news, my mother thinks we should dress up as the cast for Thanksgiving. Yes. Patrick, this is your warning if you want to make other plans.

P.P.P.S. Is tomorrow really May? No really, is it? But how?!

until next time,