May 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

desktop wallpaperVirginia HartComment
Happy May, everyone!
...time to update those desktop wallpapers.
{click, right click, set as background or simply save image as such}
This month, I'm especially looking forward to --
    • many, many birthdays...including the birth of my newest (& ninth!) nephew
    • a high school friend's wedding in South Carolina
    • a queue full of exciting commissioned projects
    • a class at the Society of Scribes on writing calligraphy with a brush marker
    • (hopefully) finding our new home...or at least getting close...or maybe just packing a box
    • working on everything related to launching my new site (as of now, will be sometime in June!)
    • celebrating ten years since graduating high school
    • celebrating six years of living in my favorite city
    • celebrating eight years since meeting my best friend
    • time spent outside, frolicking in the sunshine ~
May we make it a happy month!
until next time,