Let's Regroup

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Hi theeerrre. I don't know about you, but this little lady needs to regroup this weekend. I feel a little all over the place. And I'm looking at a bunch of things (both certain & uncertain) on the horizon and thinking, ohhh crap. As much as I want to just faceplant in a bean bag, I know I need to regroup in order to prep (even if just mentally) for what's to come. 
My list currently has a number of little things that are only partially done. Don't you hate that? You bought the gift, but you need to write a note. You wrote the note, but you can't find the address. (And tissue paper. For heavens sake, I'm always looking for tissue paper.) You have the email saved in your draft folder, but you haven't finished and pressed send. You need to RSVP by yesterday. You booked the flight, but now you need a hotel. You finally got a check, but you haven't made it to the bank to deposit it. Your bathroom sink is stuck in the non-draining position and also leaking everywhere (just to make things more fun) and you need to track down your super. And then there's your purse. Your purse is a friggin' nightmare. (Anyone else?!) Fine, I'll say it. I'm just going to put it out there that you can always accurately assess my current level of sanity based on the state and/or contents of my purse.
On the bright side? I'm very much looking forward to a birthday party tonight, brunch with a girlfriend on Sunday, and time spent on some creative projects that keep me smilin'. Patrick & I need to go on a run, too. This weather sure makes it easy to forget your worries, doesn't it?
some links for your day --
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Two wonderful Mother's Day gift guides --> here & here. I obviously favor the card suggestions, too! ;)

Ooo, and make sure you ask for the pretty vintage seed packet stamps at the post office!

and, the main thing.

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