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My Saturday improved by a million points when my friend invited me to see Matilda with her & her dad! It was so nice of them. And the show? Adorable. You can see the quote above (in the bottom right-hand corner) from Oona Laurence, one of four rotating Matildas and the one we got to see perform. "Even if you're little you can do a lot!" Aww! She was outstanding. (How do they learn so many lines, songs & dance moves at such a young age?!) I love that a man plays Miss Trunchbull (he's perfect) and the set design & special effects were unreal. I definitely recommend. I'm so delighted I finally got to see it - and so thankful they invited me to join!

I hung out with the beautiful bride-to-be on Sunday in Brooklyn. We grabbed brunch at one of my favorites, Harefield Road, and celebrated over a Bloody Mary & mimosa in the sunshine. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and I squealed a very elated, "YES!" (eee!) in reply. After brunch, we bought a wedding magazine from a corner bodega and parked ourselves on a bench, thumbing through it while we enjoyed our mint ice cream :) I am just so excited for all their festivities.

The other two pics? My mom's email saying Fyi....charm necklaces are "in"! with a picture of her necklace hanging on a lamp shade. These are the kinds of emails I receive from her multiple times a day. I love them.

Oh, and that redneck? ;) That's coach Patrick needing some serious sunscreen in his life. His poor tanline is uneven because his one shoulder is lower from last year's surgeries... :/

        • Tribeca sunsets 
        • "just because" mail from friends that included Big Apple sticky-notes
        • a dog that was the size of a horse
        • a fun night with this birthday girl!

yellow //skull sleeves//stripes & persimmon //yup, those neon pink pants again...

Thanks to all the fabulous people who weighed in on my Instagram poll! I'm designing new business cards and was staring at the options desperately needing to hear someone else's opinion. 300 of them will be going into goodie bags for an upcoming designer conference in San Francisco - needless to say, I found myself overthinking everything. I'll be sure & share the "winner" design once they're printed!

And yes, I'm that obnoxious friend who makes you a glitter-fied wedding binder. What can I say, I love love and I love glitter :)

P.S. x 3
1. We saw an apartment last night. Despite costing a good chunk more than what we pay now, it made our shoebox feel like a mansion. It was so claustrophobic and the entire building smelled like wet dog. We did the whole polite, "Ohhh this is niiiice" bit while we were there and then the second we got to the stairwell, we looked at each other with wide eyes as if to simultaneously communicate what we both were thinking. HELLtotheNO. I should've known it was going to be a disaster based on this stellar picture of the apartment featured on the landlord's website:
 exhibit A:

This is seriously what we have to work with, people.

2. While I've designed wedding invitation sets before, I designed my first official "wedding logo" this week for a friend to use on things like her program & menu. I can't wait to see how they turn out when they're printed!

3. My mom told me she received her Mother's Day card the other day and it got me thinking about why I love cards & letters so much...and why I'm feeling so drawn by the world of social stationery and the itch to have my own little place within it. While I credit any artistic genes I have to my dad, it is my mother who instilled in me the importance of note-writing. She was the one who sat me down at the kitchen table with a box of crayons and said:

"Why don't you write your aunt and tell her how much you enjoyed your visit?"..."I bet your grandma would love to hear how you are. Be sure and ask how she is, too." ... "Look at what your uncle sent you! How can you thank him? Do you want to draw a picture of it?" ... "It's your sister's birthday next week! Let's make a card!"

In a world full of text conversations and Facebook likes, we've inevitably become lazy with how we reach out to people. And believe me...I know I'm certainly at fault, too. Thank you, Mom, for pushing me to strive for better and for igniting this passion of mine. As silly as it may sound to some, I can't imagine a world without Mother's Day cards and Father's Day cards and Christmas cards and happy birthday cards and thank you cards and just-because-I-love-you cards. At least I don't want to. 

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