New Fave App!

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Do you ever wana add some pizzazz to your photos on your phone?
I bring you the newest photo-editing app from the talented & creative minds
of Elsie + Emma at A Beautiful Mess!
-- so many fun phrases & doodles & borders with which to play --
Pssst, see more on their website here & keep scrolling to see some of my examples!
some thank-you notes from my shop for a girlfriend I get to see tonight!
oh, how I wish I could take a nap right now :)
 new business cards!!!
After much thought, I decided to make them clean & crisp without any color
with hopes that the design would be sufficient on its own.
(And I'm so happy I did.)
 The new website isn't live yet so that links to my old one, but please stay tuned! ;) 
 Also, a friend (thanks, Liza!) gave me the awesome idea of just adding color as I see fit. I could color in the heart with whatever color I choose or even add glitter or washi tape. Magic! Plus! ...the card itself is so thick that nothing bleeds through. Pretty darn pumped about them!

Another thing I'm pumped about? This new fabulous app, of course. Isn't it fun?!
OMG is right.
Download it here :)
until next time,