A #Faireytale Wedding

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my girlfriend from boarding school got hitched on Saturday in South Carolina!

it was such a fun wedding celebration.

the trip down was magical & puppy-filled (no, really. you'll see.)

& the trip back was nothing short of a train wreck, but! ...everything is one big adventure when your friends are by your side.

isn't my travel companion the cutest?
speaking of cute...
look at these service babies that were on our flight! it was their first day on the job :)
they whimpered & barked during take-off and it took all my might not to get out of my seat and go cuddle them.
after we grabbed a bite to eat (which included fried green tomatoes & collard greens - hello, South!),
we got dolled up for the night & headed to see our beautiful bride!
^^^friends since '99/'00.
^^^with mr. & mrs. fairey!!!
(one of the prettiest things i've ever seen done at a wedding.)
it was the best of nights.
the next morning, we went to the bride's mom's house for a send-off brunch.
personalized coffee cups & incredibly gorgeous rings & a house that felt like home.
we said our goodbyes (thankfully, for not too long!) and my travel compadre & I cabbed it to the an American-flag themed cab.
no really, it was covered.
even the driver was wearing an American flag t-shirt.
yep, that's when things started to get weird.
i'll spare you all the details, but Sunday was just one of those travel days filled with de-boarding, delays, cancellations, missed flights, and you've-gotta-be-kidding-me moments. it included airport workers who were oh-so-helpful as they stared off into the distance, contemplating the color of the ceiling, or ones we proved wrong after they told us we had "zero chance" of running fast enough to make a flight. i might have looked like an injured wallaby hopping along in my wedges, but by golly we made it! the thing about traveling with a friend? you can deliriously laugh together at all the absurdities. because at the end of the day, that's all you can do!
not gonna lie - coming home to this helped, too ~
he's right - never underestimate the power of a Peppermint Pattie :)
it was a fun little weekend, that's for sure.
 ...and i'm so very happy for my friend & her husband.
may their marriage be filled with love, laughter, & great dance moves!

until next time,