Zach Sobiech

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I don't know about you, but I was in need of an uplifting story tonight. Overwhelming stress in my personal life has left me downright haggard and in need of a 5-day nap before I should be allowed in the presence of others. And news like the terrible destruction left behind after the tornado in Oklahoma makes me feel both heartbroken and guilty that I'm even complaining about my silly "problems." Nevertheless, I feel like I'm walking around holding back tears. (It's my half-birthday so I can cry if I want?) Yes, I needed something to help me snap out of it.

While this story of Zach Sobiech is incredibly sad (read: find your nearest tissue box!), it's also unbelievably uplifting in its message of how we should approach our love, our life, our fleeting todays. Take a look. Perhaps it'll snap you out of any funk you're in, too.

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