Everyday Summer Makeup

beautyVirginia Hart4 Comments
1. If I was stranded on an island - well - I wouldn't care about makeup. But! If I was stranded somewhere that I needed to look awake? And I could only bring one item? This would be it. It acts as a concealer, highlighter, & magic wand.
2. On a typical summer day, chapstick is all my smackers need. These adorable eos spheres are so fun!
3. I'm a fan of skin that looks fresh & dewy, not cakey. This stuff (the illuminating kind) provides the perfect amount of coverage and gives you that summer glow. Plus! It has SPF 20. No sense in aging the one face you have.
4. Anastasia products are my favorite when it comes to eyebrows. Check out the different shades available of their brow wiz here.
5. This has been my go-to blush / bronzer combo (Orgasm / Laguna) for years. I love it.
6. I am always switching up & trying new mascaras. This brand was recently gifted to me, however, and it's my current favorite!
7. Eye-shadow wasn't in my repertoire until I met this. Packaged in a chubby stick, you simply roll it on! My favorite is the "light peachy beige" as it gives you just a subtle amount of shimmer.
8. Speaking of Clinique chubby sticks, if I want a little more color on top of my chapstick? I reach for this. It's the perfect summer moisturizing lipstick.
What products do you use for your everyday summer look?

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