Happy Weekend!

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Ohhh, 3-day weekend. You feel like such a gift. I could kiss you, I'm so happy you're here. Do any of you guys have fun plans? Going anywhere exciting?! I am staying put in the big apple & enjoying that rare peacefulness that occurs when the city empties out.  As crazy as it sounds, I'm secretly happy it's going to be cold & rainy the next two days. I will have an art utensil in hand for most of the time and won't feel as bad about staying inside. I'm also looking forward to reading during a hair appointment, attempting to be as least awkward as possible (a tough feat, ladies & gents) during a photo-shoot for my new website, sourcing packaging supplies (I heart stickers), & squeezing in a date or two with Patrick even though he'll be working most of the weekend as well. We have our living situation decision looming over our heads so I'll be praying we can sort through that. It's been trying to say the least. And fingers crossed I have a new nephew next week! My heart skips a beat every time a family member calls. Knowing my mother, she has completely rearranged her entire home and has scrubbed every nook & cranny. That's how Baba (what her grandchildren call her) "waits."
:: a few links for your day ::

a Moore tornado relief benefit tee.

i need to remind myself of this sometimes.

a pretty necklace.

a funny tumblr.

an awesome makeover.

can't wait!

if i had wavy hair, i'd totally try this cut.

cute sunnies.

liars. (ha!)

my love tattoos are back in stock! (the fact that nearly 16K people saved it on Wanelo made my jaw permanently drop!)

love this LWD. (little white dress)

fun placemats & napkins. (would make a great housewarming gift!)

who wants to see this incredible exhibit with me?

i leave you with this.

have a wonderful weekend!

until next time,