Happy Weekend!

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Well that week sure flew. And also goodbye May, I guess? (How?...)

Any fun plans for the weekend? I kicked things off last night by grabbing drinks with a girlfriend (so fun), a trip to the doctor this afternoon for my 10-year tetanus booster (not so fun), met a friend's month-old baby girl (I almost passed out from cuteness overload), then came home and immediately passed out and took a nap (I'm le tired). I'm looking forward to breakfast with a girlfriend, possibly seeing this movie with Patrick, and illustrating a wedding map for a bride. I don't have any links for you today so I figured I'd list some updates instead.

+ My less-than-a-week-old nephew returned to the hospital yesterday with elevated bilirubin levels (jaundice). He was placed under an ultraviolet light and stayed overnight, but was thankfully released today. Although jaundice is common in infants, it sure was scary to think of him back in the hospital, being poked & prodded and having blood drawn. My brother sent me a picture of him under the blue light wearing a little mask over his eyes and I let out a yelp. Bless his heart! I'm so glad they're home...I know my brother & his wife are physically & emotionally exhausted. I can't wait to see them all in a week. I have many, many hugs saved up!

+ I'll be adding a couple new things to the shop soon - things I've never sold before. Excited to see what you think..!

+ We aren't moving. (right now) That's right! Cue deja vu... It's been a long few weeks filled with a breakdown or two...or seven. We've attempted to navigate all the bizarre signs that have come our way with job situations, logistics, and the terrible renting market in the summer.  When we finally found a great apartment, I left work early to see it only to be turned away since management was busy...and then we returned 2 days later and literally got stuck underground for nearly an hour while someone else signed the lease moments before we got there. Signs like that have made it pretty clear -- and as deflated as I feel by the decision to stay, I know it's for the best. My friend recently told me that things always work out more exquisitely than we plan them to, and I have to agree :)

+Since we're not moving, we're putting the money we've saved towards redecorating! GUYS, I GET TO SHOP FOR FURNITURE! But only after I get rid of, like, half the things we own. You can see some pictures of our current set-up here. I'll be sure and share some before & afters.

+It's getting closer to the time to say goodbye to this little lady blog of mine and move to my next internet "home." The website designers I've been working with are the bees knees, and I can't wait to debut what we've been up to.

Have a happy weekend!

until next time,