June 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

desktop wallpaperVirginia HartComment
happy June!

it's hot in Manhattan & i wanted a desktop wallpaper that reminded me of the beach.

{click, right click, set as background or save accordingly}

things I'm looking forward to this month:
  • Yankees / Indians game
  • celebrating many friends' / family members' birthdays & Father's Day
  • exploring the city and spending hours outside
  • a total of 14 hours on a train with Patrick (oh boy...ha!
  • trying to get through 2 seasons of Dexter before the last season premieres
  • my oldest nephew's high school graduation
  • meeting (& cuddling) my newborn nephew
  • visiting family & home
  • meeting my Godson
  • seeing friends from boarding school
  • Alt Summit NYC
  • a girlfriend's bachelorette weekend
  • taking Patrick to Shake Shack
  • launching my website & a couple projects
  • two four-day long weekends
  • trying our best to make our apartment feel brand new 
  • seeing a friend who's visiting from San Francisco
  • iced tea / Pinkberry / sandals
  • welcoming summer with open arms!

until next time,