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just a wee bit of life lately via Instagram -

They were filming Anchorman 2 outside my office one day. Check out those old-timey taxis!

red + pink = my new favorite combo.

I'm loving his longer hair.

Wear some love! old pic in honor of this cutie (Patrick's little sis) who turned 13 last month.

Can't believe it!

Sunday morning coffee run.

pretty wrought iron in the neighborhood.

uber blonde & ready for summer.

A run on the water on a gorgeous day? Instant day-maker.

As much as this city drives me bonkers sometimes, I feel fortunate that this view is walking distance from our home. Hard to beat!

Look how cute!

Meet my adorable friend (& amazing photographer). Our hello-hug was so big in my apartment doorway that an entire Grande coffee went flying everywhere. Nothing to do but laugh!

Hey, handsome.

When I was a litle girl, my oldest brother played a foot soldier (one of the bug-eyed bad guys) in the Ninja Turtle movie. Naturally, I thought he had super powers. I had Ninja Turtle posters in my room and even brought his mask to school for show & tell. I wanted to make sure his son knew his dad was magical as well so I designed this onesie for the little man. It looked SO teeny when I got it - hard to believe he's even tinier!

With the new Citi Bike right on our street, it might be a sign that I need to learn how to ride one of these things even though that's the scariest thought ever. It's a shame they don't come with training think I'm joking, don't you?

Our new favorite fish seasoning? Truffle mustard!

Check out that grin. My mom says he's smiling because angels are whispering in his ear :) See you oh-so-soon, little one!

until next time,