Weekend Recap!

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This past weekend was a jam-packed, fun and unforgettable myriad of festivities. While I still wish I captured more pictures of moments & people (you're gonna be like, more pictures?!), here is a selection of a few things we did, divvied up in chapters.

Chapter 1 - traveling home

I spent Thursday morning at the post office, packing and doing other important things like getting my nails done -

loving this color!

And then I caught up on my guilty pleasure, gossip mags. The train ride felt never-ending - we somehow ended up in the quiet car with some not-so-pleasant folk - but! ...we finally made it. We sprinted from the train and through the rain (like my little rhyme?) to our favorite chicken wings restaurant in our college town (nothing comparable in this big city) and caught up with my parents.

^^^These were in my room...

Coming home is always such a treat - little things like this are everywhere.

That mama of mine makes everything special!

^^^breakfast spread.

The next day, Patrick & I had lunch with my dad in WV and then headed with my mom to see my sis-in-law and meet her little man. My sister & her boys joined us, too!

Chapter 2 - meeting my nephew, Oliver

and - justlikethat - I fell in love.

(and then I melted.)

^^^baby toes!

so teeny-tiny!

^^^with his Baba.

...already missing this peanut.

He's showing me his itty bity hands!

Stay little, okay?

(handshake to seal our pact.)

We stopped by to see my brother where he was working. He's extra-smiley these days which I love.

^^^our view on the way back to Virginia.

Chapter 3 - my nephew, Christian, graduates!

It rained all morning and we thought the graduation was going to be moved inside, but the skies cleared so they took their chances...and the second all the graduates filed in their seats, the sun started to shine. It was amazing, really.

Congrats, Christian!!!!!

We were determined to scream the loudest when they called his name.

...which isn't a hard feat considering the size of our crew :)

^^^proud fam!

...just missing his older sister who left the day before for her summer job. Patrick & I thankfully got to see her the night we arrived so I could give her a much-needed squeeze and her birthday present. She turns 20 this week...yes, 20!

^^^proud grandparents.

So excited for him.

In other news, I feel short.

^^^with my stepdad.

^^^Patrick and my "big" sis...what you can't see is how much he's crouching for this photo.

We had a fun graduation party with family & friends at my brother's house. They're moving soon (in fact, their realtor showed their house while we were at graduation - talk about a lot going on!) so it was especially nice to gather at their beautiful home with everyone.

Chapter 4 - meeting my Godson, Stowe

After the party, my parents drove us about an hour and a half to our final stop of our trip. We met up with my girlfriend/first NYC roomie/and mama to four, including my Godson who I have tried twice to meet before but my plans were thwarted by weather-related problems. ...not this time!

^^^How cute is he?!

He crawled on my lap, facing me, only after I showed him how he could talk to Siri on my phone. And I'm pretty sure he said hello back even though it was a grunted version :)

Patrick was determined to make Stowe like him better by bribing him with cookies. Cheater! ;)

If only I had a video of my friend leaning over trying to show Patrick where the emergency brake was. (something out of a sitcom!)

Chapter 5 - my 10-year high school reunion

^^^my girls.

it was so nice having Patrick there, too.

^^^NYC ladies!

^^^the newly engaged couple I mentioned here!

oh and this (^^^) happened... :)

^^^ look at this little snack tray in our room!

We stayed with my friend's parents who are just as cute as they can be.

^^^future illustration models,

Cricket & Pippa.

They're white goldens which I've never seen before - so pretty!

Chapter 6 - back to NYC

I had plans to watch Dexter and organize computer files, but instead I read Ellen's book in one sitting

and took approximately seven cat naps. Ohhh, it sure was needed.

And then Patrick snapped this gem (^^^) in Penn Station. Lookin' REAL cute, right? Ahem.

Watch out, New Yawk, I'm baaack.

until next time,