Slow Down

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"Slow down!" - my mother

"It's stress-related. Are you taking Vitamin C with rose hips every day like I told you?" - my father

"8 hours of sleep. No excuses." - Patrick

Seeing as I was tested for a stroke today, I think I need to start listening to everyone -- don't worry, I'm perfectly fine & healthy -- but they have a point. I do need to suck it up & slow. it. down.

I lost my vision today in my right eye and it was the scariest and most disorienting thing I've ever experienced. Everything became blurred and blank...I couldn't focus...and there was a flashing blind spot directly in front of me. I was in the middle of reading a work email and all of a sudden, I couldn't see...anything! I tried closing the one eye to get rid of the flashing, but the shakiness made me feel sick to my stomach. I stood up and walked away from my desk, thinking it was just eyestrain from my computer screen, but I quickly became dizzy trying to navigate myself down the hallway. I tried talking to coworkers, feeling embarrassed that I couldn't focus on their faces. I have 20/20 vision so what on earth was happening? 

The symptoms eased up after about 30 minutes, but I finished up at work and went to the eye doctor where they ran what felt like 17 obnoxious and eye-watery tests. Thankfully, they ruled out all the scary stuff, but did tell me that I experienced an ocular migraine, where the vascular spasms affect the blood supply to the vision center of the brain. Have you ever had a regular or ocular migraine? I'm pretty sure the same thing has happened to me once before, but there certainly isn't enough of a pattern for me to know what might have caused this or for me to know the chances of it happening again. (Never? Please??)

After all the tests and a group of students looking at the back of my eyeball since I apparently have something rare called "CHRPE bear tracks" which look like freckles on the back of my eye (so that's where my birthmark is - sneaky, sneaky!), Patrick picked me up and brought me home, propping me up with a heating pad on my neck. (Bless him.) So yes...I don't know what caused that terribly mean migraine, but I suppose me slowing down couldn't hurt.

So I'm off! slow down, order some vitamins on, and go to sleep :) Goodnight, all.

until next time,