Bits of Lately

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a few snippets of my life lately ...

  • watching one of your besties try on gorgeous wedding gowns makes for the best of evenings.
  • wore red on my last official day as the "little lady in the big apple" blogger! ...alas, my apple costume wasn't approp for work.
  • #baglady
  • sunset on the Hudson.


  • found this gem online from our 10-year high school reunion...ha!
  • celebratory brunch at ABC Kitchen.
  • pssst! if you look closely, you can see Lena Dunham from GirlsΒ facing the other way behind me.


  • bridal shower for one of my dear friends!
  • we kicked off her bachelorette evening with a cocktail party at an adorable store she & her family owns.
  • The Doctor's Wife Cocktail = Maker's Mark bourbon + muddled pineapples + maraschino cherries + lime juice + splash of Ginger Ale. delicious!


  • my new life dream is to move to the beach, live over a bakery, and have a porch like the one above :)

d 20-55-06

  • da club. we went out dancing, Jersey Shore style! I didn't realize how much I needed some time to be silly & let loose with girlfriends. ending the night in a straight up giggle-fit (like, I seriously cackled so loud I probably woke up the neighbors) is a success in my opinion :)


  • Etsy pinning your product on their Etsy Fashion board? total daymaker. these temporary tattoos are currently out of stock, but I will restock later this summer!
  • the convo on the right? that's Patrick marketing my wedding services to the cable guy...


two reasons my temporary tattoos are sold out:

  • 1 day worth of orders (can't keep up!)
  • over 300 (!) of them heading to the goodie bags at Alt Summit San Francisco!


  • this guy = the best.

we've been faced with some big decisions lately and to be honest, it hasn't been easy. i'm not one who deals well with uncertainty, but I keep thinking God is trying to teach me a thing or two ;) whatever life ends up throwing our way, i wouldn't want to face it with anyone else. he might drive me up-the-wall crazy sometimes with his perpetual toothpaste residue all over the counter and his habitual nail-biting and his mismatched socks and his inability to ever feel full, but goodness - i love him. so much. i guess they're right! does conquer all. including toothpaste residue :)

Β xo!