Second Half of the Year

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Am I the only one who finds it a little upsetting we've reached the second half of the year? It's giving me a little anxiety, to be honest. I'm not really sure where the first half even went or why time is moving at such a hurried speed, but here we are! ...on the downslope of twenty-thirteen. I like to always check in with myself this time of year to hold up life's remote and press "reset" on my goals. By now, our New Year's resolutions have fizzled. We haven't warped ourselves into morning people, we've yet to do all the projects around our homes we had hoped, we're feeling more scattered than ever, and yep! ...we've eaten a lotta carbs. Dammit. I could babble about all the big-picture goals I have for myself for these next 6 months, but I really think it's the "smaller" everyday goals of mine that truly need my consideration.

5 things I want to improve

1. Multitask LESS. For so long, I viewed the art of multi-tasking as a talent...a gift, even. And what I've realized is that both the quality of my work and enjoyment of whatever I'm doing is best when I'm focusing only on that one person or task. I operate better when I concentrate on one thing and then move to the next, instead of jumping back and forth between them. If I need to write an email, I sit down and write it to completion. If I have a queue of calligraphy or illustration projects, I focus on one at a time and don't move to the next on the list until the first one is complete. If I'm on the phone, I sit down and focus on my conversation instead of trying to put away laundry at the same time. It's something I'm still very much striving for as I've learned that every part of our day deserves our undivided attention. It's best for all parties involved.

2. Keep working on my end-of-the-day greetings. I got home last night and the first thing out of my mouth was, "PATRAAACKKK!!!" in a not-so-pleasant tone. Let's back up for a second... I walked in and the first thing I saw was clothing on top of the gas-operated stove (!), including a jacket that belongs to a boy he coaches. So not just any clothes...stranger's clothes...TOUCHING THE STOVETOP. I had a reason to freak, right? In a matter of seconds, I went from calm to crazy as it dawned on me that he put that there and walked right past it, without realizing anything out of the ordinary. (Men!) To be fair, though, I might have...okay, I definitely overreacted. I was thinking about cleaning & all the work I still had to do as I was walking in the door at 8PM and seeing that just sent me right over the edge. I should have greeted him and THEN been like, "Can I show you something that is bugging me?" in a better tone. I don't know how many times I've told him, "It's not what you say, it's HOW you say it."  (tell me you've said this before and I'm not the only nag!) so I should really heed my own advice. He teased me that he realizes the stove is my baby and I do so much cooking and that it must be very upsetting to see clothing touch it. I rolled my eyes. Touché. I never cook.

3. SLEEP. As in, partake in the act of. More.

4. Go to the gym at least 1 more day a week. I'm currently only working out 2 to 3 times a week and it needs to be more like 4 to 5. We can all say, "we're too busy, it's too hot, I don't wannaaa." They're all excuses and if something is important enough, we make it happen. So I just gotta label this as "important enough" in my head. Because it is. Our health needs to be a primary focus. We're no good to anything or anyone if we're not healthy - end of story.

5. Read. I miss reading... I don't own a Kindle or an iPad (Go ahead and gasp. I realize I'm practically a cavewoman in the blogging world.) and prefer the look and feel of real books and their paper pages. I've gotten into a bad habit of working on my computer or watching an episode of Friends right up until bedtime and I need to break it. I need to turn off the electronics and their glaring lights and use goal #3 as a reason to start reading at a certain time every evening. As much as there is to think about in my current life, having a good book/world to escape to? ...sounds pretty needed right now. Speaking of, do you have any book recommendations? Please and thank you!

P.S. Do you have any everyday goals for yourself for the second half of the year? I'd love to hear.

P.P.S. 25 Rules for Life,  Things Every Woman Should Have & Know by 30 and advice from my dad.