Happy Weekend!

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What's on tap for your weekend? I will be waiting for the royal bebé to make its debut already -- I had a dream that it was a girl! And they named her Virginia Diana which doesn't sound all that good, but it still excited me. Other than that, I will be covered in calligraphy ink for most of it working on some projects for a wedding. This week I designed multiple tattoos, personalized stationery, shipped off bridesmaid luncheon invitations & multiple Etsy orders, & am almost done with a return address stamp. Whew! Loving all the custom work...keeping me on my toes!  Patrick & I want to spend some time down by the water, too, and I need to organize my life (for real, yo) in prep for some busier weekends ahead. I'm finally caught up on Dexter (only took years!) so we'll be watching new episodes of the final season together on Sunday nights :)

(psst! some links for your day)

WWD took pictures of what New Yorkers have been wearing during this heat wave. (Still so stylish! I love the people of this city.)

5 things to try this weekend.

the cutest lunchbox.


i dig this ketchup's packaging design.

me when my boyfriend says I don't have muscles.

10 surprising things about parenting in Norway. (I found this fascinating!)

new favorite tumblr.

that's important.

every day this week.

getting married? use this app at your wedding to collect all of your guests' photos.

i have my eye on you.

33 moving tips that will make your life so much easier. (um, #7 is genius for any kind of trip.)

such a clever card.

who knew?!?

needing new boots for this fall? Check out Nordstrom's anniversary sale where they mark down all the new stuff!

inspiration for when you see some cheap old furniture. just takes a little imagination to envision what it could be!

i leave you with this.

Have a great weekend & stay cool!