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life lately, according to my Instagram feed.

young Patrick playing football

^^^ tiny Patrick as a Valley Stallion. such a cutie.

Caryn Scanlan Photography logo

^^^ some logo design options I gave to a client.

Mimi & me 7.13.13

pics from a dear friend's birthday party at Berry Park!

Catherine & me 7.13.13

Steve & Adrienne 7.13.13

Adrienne & me 7.13.13

Patrick & me 7.13.13

^^^ do we look Brooklyn-ish?


 I finally got a pair of overalls!! ^^^

Patrick was all, Are you off to tend to the cattle? but I still love them.

priming the nib

^^^ priming a new pen nib by running it through the flame - a trick a friend taught me!

neon packaging

 ^^^ I'm trying to brighten up your mailbox, FYI.

sliver of NYC sky

^^^ sliver of sky when it was hotter than blazes.

Speaking of hot, going underground to the subway feels like you're descending to hell. Not only is it four thousand degrees, there is no air flow to speak of. You are so delighted to see your train pulling up just because of the breeze it brings. But! As excited as I was to get above ground the other day, I had to stop and listen to a musical talent. I even took my first Instavideo → check out this guy playing Coldplay in the subway. (needs sound!)

running with Patrick 7.21.13^^^ Finally cool enough (well, relatively speaking) to go on a jog on the Hudson.

Patrick turned around and snapped that of me trying to keep up with him, mister long legs. I look like such a goober!