Happy Weekend!

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Happy weekend! Big plans? We have a double-date with friends in Brooklyn tomorrow! I'm very much looking forward to hangin' with them. I have quite a bit of calligraphy work to tackle and our apartment is begging for some attention. The lack of space has really gotten to me recently... we put off redecorating when we had an unexpected moving scenario to consider and now that that's off the table, we need to sit down and determine how we can best live, sleep, eat, & work in 400 sq. feet. It's a challenge to say the least. We're constantly running into things or each other and there is no I'm going upstairs to get some space option. And I'm pretty sure I'm straining my neck with my work "set-up", if you'd even call it that. It's sort of a joke. I keep telling myself we'll remember this one day and cherish a real home that much more. Wish us luck as we try and figure out a new arrangement! In happy news, both my mom & Patrick's sister arrive Sunday!! eee! Next week is shaping up to be pretty spectacular as far as work weeks go :)

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for your keys.

and, don't forget!

have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for reading!

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