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Hi there! How are you? My week has been fun-filled with different visitors -- my mom & her friend, Patrick's sister, and his parents & two other siblings are heading down today! I'm excited to spend some time with them. (We were talking last night about how having visitors makes us appreciate this crazy city -- we forget sometimes that people travel far & wide to see what we see everyday. It's easy to overlook when your routine is about walking by the laundromat, the corner bodega, and down the subway stairs.) Other than that? I'll be working on custom calligraphy projects, finalizing some product designs for new additions to my Etsy store (stay tuned!), and catching up on some reading. Patrick has also introduced me to Breaking Bad -- I'm only 3 episodes in and so far.... it's weird! But I hear I need to just stick with it.


have a relaxing weekend!