Making My Little Mark

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One of the most rewarding things about my creative endeavors is making my little mark. I realize I'm not curing cancer over here, but it gives me deep satisfaction to think that I'm making a positive difference in my own small way...especially for people I wouldn't know otherwise. Whether it's providing artwork that gives another company a fresh look or designing a special tattoo for someone, it makes me think that maybe - just maybe - I'm helping out. It gives me that push I need after working a 45-hour week to come home, switch gears, and put on my artist cap. Each time I mail off stationery to a customer, it makes my heart glad to think of the recipients of those letters smiling as they open their mailbox. I know that might sound silly and meaningless, but I really think that those happy little moments can improve an entire day. I like to think of myself just spreading a bit o' love around - ya know, with my neon & glittery wand - all sent from the Hart.

Some recent moments that made me smile oh-so-big:

1. a snippet from a comment on one of my posts last week →

Your blog has inspired me to start my own back up. 

***So sweet. I encourage anyone & everyone who has thought about blogging to start now!

2. a client sent me the link to her website with my hand-lettering as her new header and we both got all excited about how fabulous it looks →


^^^forget my hand-lettering, how cute is that baby?!? (via)

3. a woman sent me this image of my handwriting on her wrist (the one on the left) and told me how much this represents to her in a very meaningful and transformative time in her life →


She's moving from NYC to London in a couple weeks so we have plans to meet before she does!

Love is always bringing people together.

I love love :)