Have a Perfect Little Weekend

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Hello, love muffins. What's on tap for your weekend? Patrick and I have no real plans! ...and boy does that sound nice especially since we're traveling the next two weekends. We've talked about exploring some parts of the city we've never seen which I always love. I'll be sure to report back if we find anything worth noting. I will also work on a couple projects, per usual, but plan on playing more than working :)

Oh, and for those of you told me to stick with Breaking Bad, you were right. I finished season 1 this week and am happy to report that I'm officially hooked. In related news, I want to dress up as Jesse Pinkman for Halloween. Patrick can be Walt. I'm sure he'll be happier than the year I made him dress up as Edward in Twilight. Or the Scarecrow. Or Doug Funny. Ha, I forgot about Doug Funny.

--- LINKS FOR YOU! ---

a cool necklace.

Ashton Kutcher has clearly been inspired by his new role of Steve Jobs and he offers some great advice in his speech at the Teen Choice Awards.

Gosh, I'm filing this to read again if I'm a mom one day.

a cute polka-dot blouse for under $20.

I'm not normally a Katy Perry fan, but I've been playing this on repeat. Just picture me dancing down Fifth Ave listening to it, because I probably am.

my favorite day.

what a face.

wouldn't this be a cute baseball cap to sport this winter?

my favorite quote of the week came from this blogger -- "i believe in fairytales. but they totally have to have some messy parts to it. just to make you better, grateful, sensitive..."

ooo! love these ankle boots.

check out this clever way to use a signature of a loved one you want to honor / remember.

a funny RSVP card.

i think I need to make these.

don't just think about doing something nice, do it.

my girlfriend in Spain sent me the funniest email this week, ending with this - so great.

yep, i will be reading this book. (don't judge, I love her!)

a perfect fall denim dress.


Have a perfect little weekend. ♥