We're off to the Shore!

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Guys. I wanted to say a big, heartfelt thank you for all of your kind support and excitement about our engagement. Please know your sweet comments gave me the biggest smiles! It's been a crazy, head-in-the-clouds week over here. And I can't wipe this goofy grin off my face! I'm still very much distracted, and this new piece of jewelry isn't helping :) People have asked us if we've set the date yet and I'm all Huh? I created a new board on Pinterest, and it's still blank - that count? There are so many little and big things for which to be excited that I'm slightly overwhelmed. I feel as if my heart might up & burst. Not to mention, there are a lot of other things going on in life right now that require my attention so I will need to figure out how to add this to the current equation. The only thing I can be sure of at this moment when it comes to planning is that I need to be organized... I googled "wedding planners" (not the person, the notebook/folder/binder) and much to my dismay, couldn't find one I liked. And then I got a little carried away thinking Ya know, people need this. I should design From the Hart wedding planners and I started doodling what they would look like and noted all the various checklists, timelines and inserts needed and then I couldn't decide on the color scheme for the tabs I envisioned.

I know. I'm crazy. This is going to be a problem. I'm heading back to la-la land until I'm ready to deal with myself.

Fun plans for this weekend?! We're heading to beautiful Spring Lake, New Jersey for a wedding! I'm SO excited to celebrate my girlfriend and her adorable groom. They're the cutest! We'll get to see a big crew from college (can't wait) and I'll even get to meet a friend's precious infant she's bringing up from Atlanta. This is also the wedding for which I did all the escort cards and the guest book illustration so those will be fun to see. I've been telling Patrick about the area where they live ever since I went out earlier this summer for her bachelorette weekend, so I'm really looking forward to showing him around. We're hoping to spend some time on the beach on Sunday, too - my toes desperately want to feel some sand!

In other news, my oldest nephew moves into college today! And my oldest niece flies to Bath, England this weekend where she'll be spending the semester. And others are starting new exciting grades, turning the big 5 in a couple days, and my brother continues to make my day with the videos he shares of his 3-month-old. I'm one proud (and old-feeling!) Aunt Ginny over here. As hard as it is on a regular basis to be far away from family, it's even harder when all these big things are happening. I'm missing everyone terribly.

In other other news, have you guys heard of Skillshare? It's a great online class resource for tons of different skills. Is there a project you want to start, but you need a tutorial? Check to see if there's a class that might help. I purchased two recently (one on vectorizing & one on watercolor!) that I can't wait to try out.

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have a wonderful weekend!!