Celebrating the Kings!

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 I wanted to share some pictures from our weekend in New Jersey celebrating dear friends, now Dr. & Mrs. King!

photo 3-4

^^^ where we stayed. The house was incredibly cute and quirky, as any good B&B should be. Gail, the innkeeper, made us banana smoothies, blueberry bread, eggs, hashbrowns, and sausage on Sunday morning! Sure beats a hotel if you ask me. She let us leave our bags that day and we walked to the beach for a few hours before we caught a train back to Manhattan.

photo 4-4

photo 1

^^^ there was a 2nd-story porch right outside our room with a hammock...and fun books & trinkets placed around the room!

photo 2

^^^ the bride is the Creative Director for Indego Africa and they left this goodie bag for us! I love that they added a crown for King :)

photo 3

 ^^^ the church was gorgeous.

photo 4

 ^^^ speaking of gorgeous...! Cheers to the Kings!

photo 5

 big smiles! ^^^

photo 1-2

 ^^^ don't you love her braid?

photo 2-2

^^^ with my handsome fiancé ;)

I don't know how many times we introduced one another incorrectly. that word ↑ takes a little getting used to after all these years!

photo 4-2

 ^^^ they arranged a trolley to take us to different restaurants & bars along the beach between the ceremony & reception. so fun!

photo (21)

photo 3-2

photo 2-1

 ^^^ one of our friends went and got her 2-month-old baby girl so we could all meet her!

(her mom was watching her so she & her husband could attend the ceremony and reception.)

there's something about seeing an old friend and roommate hold her CHILD...gosh, when did we grow up?

photo 3-1

look at that little hand! ^^^

photo 5-1

 it was so hard to give her up!

photo 1-1

 big P & little P ^^^

(I melted.)

photo 1-4

 ^^^ first selfie with Auntie G! I know I took a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't stop. she is so. darn. cute!

we met up back at the reception venue for a lovely cocktail hour outside where we were reunited with the wedding party.

photo 2-4

^^^ seriously, her dress...! drop-dead-wow.

photo 4-1

 ^^^ all truly neat to see. this was my biggest escort card job to date (> 200 quantity) and I had so much fun doing them!

photo 2-3

^^^ a few snippets...with the bride & groom, their first dance, and some of the wedding party! the bride's niece & nephew were the adorable flower girl and ring bearer. and her bridesmaids' dresses are from Zara! Can you believe that? I loved them.

photo 1-3

 our UVA crew! ^^^

photo (22)

^^^ We then decided to have some fun with the panorama feature on our phone. If you notice, our friend Jeffrey is on both ends of this picture....after the first part of the photo was taken, he threw off his jacket and sprinted behind the person taking the picture to the other side. And voila! A twin is created. (Guys, you gotta try this.)

Our first attempt, however? He ran so fast that his feet slipped and he face-planted on the pavement. Yes. I nearly peed my pants.

photo 1-6

photo 2-6

photo 3-5

^^^ I haven't stopped giggling.

In addition to the escort cards, I helped the bride surprise her groom with a little illustration of his Honda Element + surfboard :)




 ^^^ the guests used their fingerprints to add balloons!

photo 3-3

 we also had a blast in the photobooth! ^^^

(okay okay so I clearly need to learn a new facial expression.)

sigh, the wedding was so much fun and full of great 4-3

^^^ this little fam lives all the way in Atlanta so it was especially nice seeing them!

farewell lovers

one last big CONGRATULATIONS to this adorable duo.

I love you both and wish you a lifetime of blessings & happiness!


***thank you to Jordan & Jeffrey for sharing a few of these pics!***