Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Hello & happy Friday! Fun plans for your holiday weekend? With it being the unofficial end of summer, I hope it's filled with sunshine and watermelon and bare feet and bathing suits and corn on the cob and warm, starry nights. I'm heading upstate today to see Patrick's family and attend his cousin's wedding! He's actually already up there (that stinker), so I will be flying solo with my light pink suitcase and purse full of magazines :) This will be our first time seeing ANY family members since getting engaged so I have a big ol' grin on my face. I've been holding in far too many hugs! I have lots of exciting upcoming projects for this fall...and to be honest, an exceptionally long life to-do list...but for now? I'm gonna soak up that feeling of being on vacation. I'm gonna read magazines instead of making lists. I'm gonna push all my cares to a future date. For now, it's still summer :)


this could be huge...! (as long as they don't repeat articles like they have been with the special issues.)

I went to two restaurants in the city this week for the first time and LOVED both! New Yorkers, if you haven't been, please add this & this to your list.

don't pack away your white jeans.

made me laugh! (talk about a guilty face!)


don't miss the rare sale at Sephora.


a toiletry bag for your fella.


this Etsy store has such fun things for your little ones! (pssst, Halloween is approaching...some inspiration.)

such honest advice for newlyweds.

how to do a faux fishtail braid, according to Lo.


I leave you with this.