Fun Mail Stamps

calligraphy, for saleVirginia HartComment

Before I share a new limited edition stamp in the shop,

I wanted to show you some pics of a custom address stamp I designed earlier this summer!

here was the design

the Purcells stamp design

and voila! the stamp :)

back of the Purcells wooden stamp

the Purcells wooden stamp

Now for a new "fun mail" addition...

...a design that was inspired by my future mother-in-law, actually, as we always refer to our letters as such.

There really is something exciting about getting an actual letter in the mail, yes?

I don't even make it up our stairwell before I've ripped open the envelope!

So I decided I wanted the option to stamp my envelopes to signify that it is indeed, fun :)

fun mail stamp design

holding fun mail stamp

fun mail stamp on envelope

side of fun mail stamp

from the Hart canvas bag

 Perhaps you want to snazz up your envelopes, too? You can purchase a limited edition "fun mail" stamp HERE!