Choose Love

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a truly incredible person -- one of those people who exudes such positive and friendly energy that you swear you've known them for years.  You sit there genuinely agreeing and identifying with everything they say because it's exactly what you're thinking as well. You even find yourself writing down book recommendations because they clearly have similar taste and you just know you'll love their suggestions. Flynn contacted me after she got my "love" handwriting permanently tattooed on her wrist, realizing we both lived in NYC and suggested we meet. Both of our schedules proved to be mighty busy, but we made it happen...something about it all felt like fate, like we HAD to meet. And gosh, I sure am glad we did.

Flynn shared her story with me and what her tattoo represented in a very meaningful and transformative time in her life and I sat there, in awe, feeling so very inspired. While her story is not mine to share, I will relay a simple message from her that I can't stop thinking about...the simple reminder to "choose love." There are so many opportunities in life, both big and small, to choose the alternative. But if you make it a conscious effort to choose happiness...choose joy...choose love, you'll be surprised at the shift you'll feel, and the love that is sent back.

Flynn moved to London a week after we met, but we are going to be international pen-pals! How great is that? You know how I love mail ;)


^^^ Flynn getting her tattoo!


She went with her mom who got "imagine" on her wrist in her own handwriting. Love this pic. ^^^

love tattoo on Flynn's wrist

Flynn & her love tattoo

^^^ she's the sweetest!

In honor of Flynn and her inspiring message, I have restocked my Etsy shop with temporary "love" tattoos!

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→ pssst! check out Flynn's website and about page