Random Bits of Lately

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*this particular update is really all over the place, but so is my life. here are some snippets!


 ^^^ late-night calligraphy.


^^^ awkward family photo circa 1995.

photo 1-4

that moment when you realize omg I can buy THESE  ^^^ now!

photo 2-6

an incredibly thoughtful gift from this friend. she said she found this box ^^^ on her travels long ago and had been saving it for me...

so, so sweet!

photo 3-4

^^^ Breaking Bad, anyone?

I'm almost done with season 2! Thankful that Patrick doesn't mind re-watching it all with me.

photo 1-2

the cutest mother of the bride-to-be! ^^^

I seriously can't wait to see her in ONE WEEK!


my nephew, Ezra, turned the big 5. ^^^ isn't he a doll?

photo 2-4

nothing beats amazing girlfriends.

photo 1-3

talk about ugly-crying in front of the waiter. ^^^

a good friend knows you have a weird thing for dates.

a best friend paints important ones for you to have as a keepsake.

can't wait for us to fill in that last one! ;)

photo 2-5

^^^ Meet Me at the Altar by essie.

photo 1-1^^^gifts from Patrick's family. are they the sweetest or what?!

Still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm going to be Ginny McAnaney. That's a lot of nees.

photo 2-3

^^^ the crew!

photo 3-2

^^^ Patrick's cousin and her first dance with her husband :)

photo 1

always up to trouble, these three. ^^^

photo 1.PNG

love this girlie.  ^^^ wish I had her freckles!

photo 2-2

lanterns!!! ^^^

photo 1

the gang's all here. ^^^

photo 2-1

that moment when you realize that one of your dear friends is going to be your sis-in-law...! ^^^

photo 3-1

photo 4

^^^ fortune-telling fish from Mermaid Inn. (one of the best happy hour spots in the city!)

photo 3

^^^ email from my mother...

photo 2

^^^ hi from our stoop!

photo 3

we did some major organizing / rearranging of clothes last weekend. ^^^ I gave P half the closet & the underbed storage for his giant man clothes and I took over this child-size wardrobe. (no, really - it's from the baby section at IKEA.) it actually makes the most sense and now we can both easily access our heavier items for which we will soon be reaching.

(is it bad that I'm excited for that? I've missed you, cozy & over-sized sweaters.)


^^^ a new header image I designed for this adorable girl & blog!

interested in a design for YOUR website? send me a message via my contact page :)