Escort Cards & Name Stamps

calligraphyVirginia HartComment

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who commented on yesterday's post, both in the comment section and on Facebook. Your answers and suggestions were incredibly insightful and I found myself inspired to design so many different things that I had to make a list! (I carry around a blank Moleskine kraft notebook separate from my calendar-based planner. I like the blank pages in case I need to draw out ideas. Which I totally did!) My time to devote to these projects is still quite limited, but I'm feeling extra motivated to make things happen. Thank you again for following along and helping me develop my business and passion. ♥ I want to share a few snapshots of some recent calligraphy-based work. The first few are the escort cards I did for this wedding. I used simple tented white place cards, black ink, and a blue-ish grey ink pad with number stamps for the table numbers. The bride described the hidden number as a little "secret" under the flap, which I loved.





The second project I want to share? Name stamps! Someone commissioned these to give to two women who hosted her baby shower, which I thought was such a lovely little gift. She also ordered both black & gold ink pads (I can hook you up!) so they could have options. Now they can stamp their names on envelopes, blank stationery, etc!






What do you think? Would you be excited to receive one of these as a gift?