Be Back Soon!

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I'm signing off early this week! I'm heading south tonight to spend some needed time with my parents and give them extra long hugs. I'm also taking things back to the very beginning... back where Patrick & I met, that is. I'm hoping to find the perfect, special spot to marry him and celebrate that milestone with our closest loved ones. I sort of feel like I'm setting out to find an apartment in Manhattan - a competitive and nearly impossible feat - so let's hope I'm wrong! P has to work this weekend so I will have to be the eyes for the both of us. He's expecting lots of documentation -- psh! good thing he's marrying a blogger ;) I'm lugging home wedding books and magazines and my new pink binder I made with hopes of finally devoting some attention to it all & figuring out what the heck I'm doing planning a wedding from afar. If I'm being completely honest? I'm even more excited about the time in between appointments, the time at home, the early breakfasts, the late-night talks, the inevitable exploration of my mother's closet during which I'll try on the majority of her jewelry & clothes, identifying new candy dishes and knick-knacks strategically placed in different rooms, seeing what magazine has been carefully left by my pillow, hearing my parents' nicknames for me, and the time spent curled up with them on the couch. I'm going home. And home is mighty hard to beat. ♥

Have a lovely rest of your week & weekend ---------