Our New Favorite Date

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flowers Patrick & I have a new favorite date our future wedding day! (AHHH!!!) I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am ... and relieved that the first big decision has been made. My inkling was unfortunately right - that it was going to be an arduous and competitive process. So many numbers are being thrown at you and half the time, they're not even giving you the full story so you're forced to do all the detective work yourself. The majority of the venues are very pretty ... but we soon learned there was often a catch. Plus most followed their farewells with, "We sorta need an answer ASAP since lots of other people are interested, k?"  No pressure! I might have called Patrick and had a nervous breakdown halfway through the weekend ... and he thankfully glued me back together again, reminding me it was all going to work out. I hate when he's right ;)

On Sunday, we toured a place and watched as they set up an afternoon wedding. (The flower arrangement above was one of their bouquets!) Everything felt so right when we were there and the people were incredibly sweet and organized. (I quickly realized how important the latter is!) I called Patrick while he was working, talking a mile a minute, to tell him how fabulous it was. The biggest con? They were booked during October, the month we wanted. They did mention that one of the dates was only "on hold" and they hadn't heard back from that group. It was hard to even fully consider it as a possibility, though. Maybe it just wasn't the one and we found silly reasons to convince ourselves of that. We looked elsewhere but those options proved to have a million catches --  so what were we going to do?!

Long story short? The crew holding the last October date of the place that felt so very right? They didn't snag we did!! 

It is such a beautiful place and I can't wait to take Patrick there in a couple weeks so he can see it all in person :)


We celebrated Monday night with a bottle of bubbly. ^^^ I had to laugh... he made a toast and cheered with, "Here's to twelve eighteen fourteen!" I was like, "twelve?!!!" and it took him a second..."I mean 10!"

Someone please make sure he shows up in the right month...!

My mom then brought it to our attention after she circled the date in her 2014 planner that we booked our wedding date on a holiday! It's called "The Sweetest Day" and is "an occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed." My eyes might have filled with tears. I absolutely love that.

We still have many big things to decide for the day and while I will continue to share snippets along the way, I want to keep the majority of it a surprise for our guests. As much help as I'm going to need in the dress department (crikey), I obviously won't be able to ask for your opinion on certain details. I do, however, want to ask anyone who's done this before for your tips & advice! Was there anything you wish you knew going into it? Tips on planning something from a distance? Anything you forgot about or didn't realize was important until it was too late? Did you discover any "life savers" during your planning process? I'd love to hear.

♥ cheers to ten eighteen fourteen! ;)