Have Yourself a Nice Little Weekend

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First of all, thank you to the ladies who sent me helpful emails after this post with tips & advice & magical spreadsheets! (you guys are rockstars!) We're slowly putting together the puzzle pieces over here - with each piece, it feels more real and exciting and I have happy visions that take over my brain & make me miss my subway stop. Now if someone can now tell me how to shut off this proliferating to-do list in my head, that'd be super :)

What are you guys up to this weekend? We're hanging with friends tonight in our neighborhood to kick-off ours here in the city. I love this time of year...I want to wake up early so I can enjoy the crispness in the air with my morning coffee. Something about a peaceful Saturday morning in the streets of the village that calms me, and I need that. I have been operating in some sort of overdrive mode with various facets of my life and I need to slow it down a notch.  I also want to find a perfect pumpkin to adopt. Next week is October, after all. (Which is crazy!) We don't have room for anything normal-size so I will be looking for the miniature runt that will easily fit in my purse. (Whenever we have a real home someday, we're gonna need a forklift for the giant I pick out.)


make your own pumpkin spice coffee.

love this nail color.

few things make Patrick emotional, but this did.

how adorable is this bachelorette party?

this made me laugh out loud.


my favorite beauty blog got a makeover itself. (looks amazing!)

this blanket is so bright & pretty.

a cute idea for a baby announcement.

i'm exited to read this. (also this looks like a good one, too!)

am I weird for thinking this is true?

i'm digging this orange watch (investment piece!) for a guy.

i'm gonna  buy this when it comes out and save it for a future rainy day.

awesome clutch for under $50.

& a reminder.

have yourself a nice little weekend!