October 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

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happy October!

i'm not sure how we've reached the final quarter of the year, but here we are!

things i'm particularly looking forward to this month:

  • going to the Bethenny Frankel show. (eee!)
  • meeting with a special bride to discuss her wedding invitation design.
  • friends visiting from out of town.
  • A ROADTRIP. (yay rental cars haha!)
  • seeing my family & celebrating Thanksgiving! (we're celebrating early this year.)
  • welcoming Uncle Patrick to the fam :)
  • & showing him where we're gonna say "I do."
  • & taste testing a mini-version of our potential wedding cake. since, ya know, priorities!
  • a hot date at Nomad. (never been!)
  • birthdays and art projects and Halloween - oh my!

What special things are you looking forward to this month? I hope it's a good one!