2014 Planners

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I don't know about you, but I'm feeling scattered. And by the 10th month of the year, my planner is a muddled mess as if to directly correlate with and imply the same of its owner. Ahem. I have lists stuffed inside other lists and I have new addresses somewhere in my Gmail or maybe they're in my texts and I've attempted to purchase the same Christmas travel twice now because I forgot to write it down the first time and I need to pick up my watch from the repair place once I find that little yellow ticket and on my way I should really mail those birthday cards and the international shop order that came through at 3AM and I wonder if I need stamps I probably do and I have all these 2014 things to remember and nowhere to write it down like that dentist appointment that is either in February or April and I could call to find out if I could just remember my dentist's last name beyond the fact that it starts with a W.

I am one mental run-on sentence. 

Please tell me you're crazy, too.

I will always be someone that needs an actual physical & paper planner because I need to write / underline / highlight / circle / scribble / doodle / check-mark. There's something about writing things down and freeing that space in my head for other things that proves necessary to any sort of productivity level my sanity. I used to always watch my mom make lists each & every morning in her little top-spiral notebook with light green paper wondering what she could possibly be writing. I get it now.

While I have yet to find a perfect planner (clearly need to make my own...!), I do have some personal favorites that come in a wide range of styles & prices. I know I need to get one soon...NEED that clean slate.

You, too? Shop here 

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