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collage visitors from upstate! // birthday surprises for the birthday girl // my trusty binder // 17 pairs of pink sequins shorts at the dry cleaners means there's someone in my neighborhood I need to meet // "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs is a pretty pearlescent nude // venue-shopping makes you goofy // with my stepdad whose birthday was yesterday! // fun times back at school + UVA garb + surprise flowers from my fella // Father of the Bride, part one AND two // a healthy, magical breakfast frittata made by my brother // video chatting with my niece who's in England for the semester! // cuties (2) // tattoo designs for 3 sistahs // new book // favorite candle // Patrick's first pedicure (YES) // our teeny pumpkin named Marcel // slightly burnt cookies // hilarious email from my mother...and yes, there are bears on the loose at home, likely waiting for our arrival next week...! :)