My Weekend

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How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one! Mine? was a productive one, consisting of cleaning and calligraphy work and an invitation design meeting with a special bride-to-be and phone consultations with our wedding vendors and random errands I never have time to do during the work-week. But don't let me fool you. It was also a really, really lazy one. Patrick was gone for most of the time so I parked myself on our chair-that's-pretending-to-be-a-couch and watched Steel Magnolias (totally sobbed. SOBBED, i say. oh also...if anyone asks, our wedding colors are "blush and bashful" just like Shelby says), and then I watched Something's Gotta Give...twice. That's right! It came on TV two times, one right after the other, and I sat there entertained through both. WHO AM I? I went to bed too late, got up too early, but took a nap each day. I read books and magazines and painted my nails. It was glorious!

It wasn't all work/laziness, though -- I had two special outings. On Friday I went to the Bethenny Frankel show - !!!

photo 1-6

^^^ This picture was actually taken years ago. My dad & I were on the Upper East Side and Bethenny & Jason came out of a store. This was pre-marriage and pre-fame, but she was as nice as she could be. She's huh-larious, driven, and smart -- and I think she's pretty great.

Anyway! I thought, I have to go to a taping of her new show! I reached out to my friend, Kate, and we made a fun Friday afternoon out of it.

photo 2-5

photo 1-7

photo 3-5 ^^^ how fun is the set?!photo 5-3love Kate's shoes! ^^^photo 4-6^^^ we totally matched in our blue.

It's wild to see everything from the audience's perspective. It was honestly one big dance party beforehand & between the different segments of the show. Bethenny doesn't read from any sort of cue card -- she's very articulate, but you really never know what she's going to say. We saw her laugh, we saw her cry, we saw another celebrity guest, we might have even seen a blonde. Tune in tomorrow to see! ;) Interested in going to a taping? Get (free!) tickets here.

Also....little did Bethenny know she made our night when THIS happened.

photo 3-7


My friend, Mimi, & I had plans to meet up with friends from out of town but we met up beforehand for a little date. We went to Acme in Noho and the food was outstanding! I'd highly recommend. Later that night, we ended up craving dessert (we're piggy-wiggies) so we checked out a spot she had heard of & had been wanting to try - The Smile.

photo 4-7

 It's my new favorite gem in the city! ^^^

We walked in asking if they served dessert and they smiled (ha!) and handed us this menu:

photo 1-8

photo 2-6

To be fair, the ice cream & peanut butter/jelly cookie (sounds odd, but oh my goodness...a must-try!) were on the house. ^^^

Oh but yes, i did order myself a cold glass of milk :)

photo 3-6

So! If you're planning a weekend trip to NYC, check out the Bethenny show...Acme...and The Smile :)

----- just don't be weird and watch the same movie twice.