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I love quite an array of decor styles - traditional, sophisticated classic, modern graphic, cozy casual, and chic/vintage eclectic - and my personal style reflects their combination. One of my favorite looks, however? Anything that gives an outfit or space an unexpected edge. It keeps things visually interesting! (read: not boring)

Have you heard of Leah Hill's online shop, The Way We Are?

If not, let me introduce you to a few favorites:


These studded jars would liven up a vanity, a bookshelf, a bathroom, a kitchen, a coffee table, or any little nook you desire! You could really use them for anything, too. (I can't help envision the jar above holding my pens & pencils!)


Aren't these trays somethin' else? I'm envisioning a stack of books & magazines, a mail tray, something with which to store your coasters & candles on your coffee table so it's easily movable, or it acting as the perfect display for your perfume!


I'm also a fan of their jewelry collection!

Here are two of my favorites:



pssst! you may not realize, but rose gold goes with anything.


Look how great it looks on!


...a statement piece that goes with everything in your closet.

She also has many more fabulous pieces!

Are you a fan, too? SHOP HERE.

p.s. check out Leah's Instagram for more styling & decorating ideas!

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