Girl Talk: How Did You Find Your Wedding Dress?

weddingVirginia Hart6 Comments



Have you ever shopped for a wedding gown before?

If so, I'd love to hear about your experience.

Did you go to multiple stores or did you find "the one" on your first try? Was it easier than you expected or did it take you months of searching? Where did you shop?  Did you have a magical Cinderella feeling when you put it on or does that only happen in Say Yes to the Dress? Did you go to your appointments armed with magazine clippings and Pinterest boards dedicated to your dream dress or did you show up and say, "I have no idea what I want."

Because that's really where I stand. Not a clue. I have yet to even SEE an image of a dress that screams anything to me besides, "no." But maybe that's normal? I dunno.

Patrick was out of town last night (at the World Series!) so I sprawled out with important research material :) and excitedly remembered that the Bridal Shows happened earlier this month! Perfect, I thought. I'll surely find some inspiration there. I started with THE wedding dress designer - Vera Wang - who is apparently wanting pink or black leather to happen so now I'm all confused. I quickly gave up and transitioned my "research" to Netflix and watched two episodes of Breaking Bad instead.

Maybe I'll just know when I try it on?