Hooray for Friday!

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Thanks for your feedback yesterday! I'll let you know when I find one ;)

How are you spending your last weekend of October? Fun plans?! The first thing I need to do is pull out my coats and winter accessories and maybe buy some of those obnoxious things called tights - it's time :/

With us officially reaching the 2-month mark til Christmas, I also need to start making some serious lists. This is likely the busiest stretch of the year for everyone; there's just inevitably more to juggle/remember/do in all areas of life, you know? It's also one of the BEST times of year, so I figure the more I can do now to prepare, the more I can enjoy all the fun that's about to be had :)

I ended last weekend feeling crippled after writing calligraphy for two straight days - my middle finger was literally purple! - so as much fun as that project was, I'm excited to have some smaller and less labor-intensive ones to work on this weekend. One of them is an illustration design which is always a refreshing reprieve from ink for my little hand. I'm also looking forward to spending some time with the boy and grabbing brunch with a girlfriend at this lovely spot in the village.

Oh, and I joined a new gym this week and might check out my first class! I'm a nervous newbie! I've only been 3 times so far, but I'm kind of obsessed with the's sooo nice. I want to LIVE in the locker room! Why did I switch gyms? It's a long story... Unfortunately, my old trainer was in a bad accident. Some of my friends know how upset and scared I was when weeks & weeks went by and I couldn't find him and knew something had to be wrong (since we communicated all the time normally), but I finally talked to him when he called me a month later still in the hospital. As terrible as I felt for him, I was just so thankful he's okay. Even though he's going to be totally fine (thank God), it was time to go our separate ways in terms of his training services. It's honestly been a weird transition for me, and I am totally out of sync/routine, but I'm looking forward to moving forward and getting back on track for myself. Anyway, here's to putting down the pumpkin treats this fall and getting in a good sweat!

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