New Address Stamp!

calligraphyVirginia Hart2 Comments

I'm currently working on a fun dog illustration project, but I'll be starting some new stamp designs soon, including one for ourselves! I'm trying to figure out if I want to be Virginia or Ginny on our stamp, which might sound totally silly (okay - it is), but these are the things I think about. Like, do I want to be a V or a G? Will I eventually be VMH or GMH? Β Does GMP look better than VMP for our married initials? My REAL name is Virginia, but Patrick knows me as Ginny, so which one do I do? Β Big decision, folks :) (By the way, Virginia Lucas Hart / From the Hart will remain my art & business identity!)

Anyway, it reminded me of this stamp I designed a while ago for a family out in Washington. They're going to use it on their Christmas cards which I love!

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