Favorite Tights

fashionVirginia HartComment

favoritetights 1. If you're wearing clingy clothes and you're going out to dinner, you need THESE.

2. If you're not into control tops, but still want soft & long-lasting tights (great for work!), you will definitely like THESE.

3. If you want to mix things up with some color (love!), you will want THESE.

4. If you want the cheapest option, or you need a last-minute pair for a one time wear, get THESE.

5. If you want the most comfortable tights available, look no further than THESE.

***just discovered ↑ and goodness, they're amazing.

6. If you want to snaz up an all-black outfit (great for a date or event!), check out THESE. (those are bitty hearts, guys!)

p.s. if you're pregnant & XO.