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Thank you all for your sweet words about our engagement photos! I'm so thankful we'll have those to treasure & look back on. Our biggest reason for doing them was honestly to have some practice in the photo department - it certainly feels unnatural at first to be all lovey-dovey in front of the camera, and a person you just met! And let's be honest, I take A LOT of pictures - but they're mainly me stretching out my arm and snapping them on my iPhone. If you're debating getting engagement photos, I'd say do it.  It gives you a chance to figure it out, and get to know the photographer and how they direct/operate and you learn what on earth you're makes a huge difference, I think. I'm very glad we were able to squeeze in a short session with her while we were in Virginia so next October she's a familiar, friendly face. As someone who appreciates the true craft of any art form, I was fascinated by her method! She only used film for those, and she'd stand there -- changing the roll, licking it in place -- all while chatting away with us and not even looking down at her camera. One of my favorite parts about planning this wedding so far has been getting to know the various people we'll be working many delightful personalities with incredible talents.

So! ...speaking of photography -- here are a few non-professional photos I've shared on Insta lately:

photo 1

^^^ a throwback to Sandy, a year ago. Reminds me to be thankful.

photo 2

I had one of the best meals ever that night with these two cuties. If you're ever in Williamsburg, check out this spot!

photo 3

Patrick & I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. I know - lame. He worked until midnight that night and I still have a little over a season left of Breaking Bad before I'm caught up enough to prance around as Jesse Pinkman (who I wanted to be) without fearing that a stranger might say something to ruin the end. Anyway, I posted this flashback to 2006. I was Dorothy and he was my scarecrow :)

*Someone must've traded hats with him because you can see a straw one poking in the side of the photo - ha!

photo 4

^^^ pink at night, Ginny's delight. ^^^

photo 1 (1)

 cheers to this adorable friend ^^^

...who's moving to Indonesia to train and empower women in their local craft businesses!

photo 2 (1)

it's red cup season at Starbucks ^^^ and that makes me happy :)

photo 3 (1)

Patrick's brother visited from LA! so we met up with him & our friend, Kate, on Saturday. was a gorgeous day to take the ferry to Brooklyn.

photo (1)

check out that view! ^^^

photo 5 (1)

photo 5

We also checked out the Brooklyn Brewery ^^^ which made for a really fun afternoon :)


"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

- Nora Ephron, You've Got Mail