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Fun plans for your weekend? Do you have Monday off?! I don't :( One of my girlfriends is off to Thailand to ride elephants so I'm going to pretend that's what I'm up to as well! But yeah - my next two weekends are fun-filled (can't wait!) which means this one is mainly work. In related news, I had a complete meltdown about our apartment. It wasn't cute. I felt (and still feel) overwhelmingly claustrophobic. When my project list is at an all-time high with the holidays thrown in, I seriously have nowhere to put anything...I barely have a place to sit down. And then there's that roommate of mine who leaves a little trail wherever he goes :) But! I'm trying to be thankful and patient.  After I organized all of my art supplies last night (cure for meltdown), I started a pile of things to donate which I need to continue this weekend. Getting rid of stuff is such a great feeling, you know? Anyway, one of the art projects I'm looking forward to this weekend is writing  place cards for someone's rehearsal dinner...they've chosen to do silly nicknames for everyone, which I think is so clever. I'm also seeing two girlfriends Saturday night and I'm revvin' up the crockpot for the first time this season on Sunday!

l i n k s


what do you think of Jennifer Lawrence's new 'do? (I think it suits her!)

who wants to see this with me??


these would be pretty to wear to a holiday party.

this is so darn cute, it's impossible not to smile. have a listen! (by the way, this was Patrick's link contribution)

anyone else?!

i obviously don't have kids, but I enjoyed this post about the importance of teaching them responsibility at a young age.

marriage isn't for you.

a fun, easy, (& different!) dinner to make during the week.

i'm going to be honest...i never had a clue what the HECK you were supposed to do with one of those wooden shower brushes until Bethenny cleared things up. (totally getting one now.)

this reminds me of an Advent calendar my mom made -- I'd love to get this kit one day and give it a go.


enjoy your weekend!