Happy Weekend!

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How are you? Did you survive the week? Barely?! I hear you, girlfriend. Fun plans for the weekend? We're heading upstate! Aside from weird travel times (we won't get there til close to 2AM, and we fly back Monday at 6AM - yikes), I'm really excited to get out of town for a couple days. We'll get to see Patrick's family, and then we're staying with friends in Buffalo and going to a football game! I bought the tickets for Patrick shortly after he proposed. Ya know, diamond ring / Bills tickets...equal levels of excitement :) I really can't wait to see everyone and finally meet some cute golden retrievers, one of whom is the first picture in my portfolio!

link time

how i feel today.

for the first time ever, i'm a part of a little "secret Santa" gift exchange with Patrick's fam they do every year. this year, though, his sister found this online generator for us to use and was able to set rules like I can't draw Patrick's name, etc. i'd recommend for anyone wanting to set up a similar gift exchange!

a pretty throw pillow with a hint of glisten.

the ultimate  comfort-food dinner recipe for this time of year.

a cute cardigan/wrap to keep at your desk for all those chilly days.

our wedding photographer's work on Snippet & Ink!

this incredibly written story left me full of tears & heartbreak.

a sweet letter from a dad to his little girl about her future husband.

the cutest salt & pepper shakers!

if I were responsible for cooking a turkey this Thanksgiving. (but seriously, he's a really great guide for your entire meal!)

what a killer invention.

i'm digging these simple plates.

a beautiful animated story. (this link is from P!)

& a laugh.

have a spectacular weekend!