Wedding Dresses, Goldens, & The Bills

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 It's fun living walking distance from Klienfeld! How pretty is the window display? ^^^

Speaking of, I'm getting more & more excited about going dress shopping in a couple days. I've been dog-earing magazines and pinning any inspirational images (gotta love those secret boards!) with hopes it'll help me mentally prepare. I feel like it's the ultimate let's-play-dress-up outing. I'll try not to skip through the store!

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^^^ food for thought.

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you guys, Michelin Man season has begun! ^^^

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I'd like to introduce you to Claire & Chelsea. ^^^

Are they cute or what?

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a fun night out in Buffalo! ^^^

"Can we please start with a pitcher of quesadilla??" - Audrey ;)

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^^^ "Pleased to meet you, Lord Mac." - Claire

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^^^ "Let's snuggle." - me, desperate for a pet

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 ^^^ "You're still here? Well it's time to get up, silly." - Chelsea


We did a little tailgating that morning! That is one happy Patrick right there. ^^^

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the girls in our boots! ^^^

photo 5

^^^ found out I'm still bad at flip cup.

photo 4

^^^ pretty view! ^^^

(until the flag ripped...eek!)

Also, this happened in our section. No bueno.

photo 2

but we still had fun :) ^^^ and the Bills won!


terrible pic, but documentation ;) of our fun little drive & pit stop! ^^^

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^^^ and just a little snippet of some BRIGHT things to come ;)