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Mondays are always better when you know you have a short work-week ahead, amiright? I wish this weekend could've lasted forever, though. I just loved having my parents in town and am so thankful for our visit. I will share more later about what we were up to, but I diiiiid say yes to the dress! Like, where they film that show and everything! It was the second store and maybe the 7th dress I tried on that day, and I looked in the mirror and my ugly-cry-face took over and I completely lost it. I don't think it even had anything to do with how I looked...just how I felt. I turned to my mom and she started crying, too! People were staring, likely thinking something was terribly wrong (again, our crying faces aren't the cute kind) but we shared one of those special moments without even saying anything. One of my best friends is going with me tomorrow to see it on me...she has an incredible sense of style so if I was totally delusional in my choice (they said I could exchange, if so), she will help a sista' out. I'll admit that I can't stop thinking about it. Is it normal to miss it? Is it normal to twirl around your apartment alone while listening to "Going to the Chapel" on repeat, using your hairbrush as a microphone? Patrick was so cute & curious, and all I told him was that it's "pretty different" and he later told me he now pictures the dress Katniss wore in Hunger Games with flames shooting out of it. Hmm, I suppose he's learned to expect just about anything outta me. ;)

a few links for your day

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hope you're gearing up for a fun week! ♥

(one month 'til Christmas!)