December 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

desktop wallpaperVirginia HartComment


happy december!

...the month dedicated to celebrations, loved ones, and finishing what we started.

this december, i'm especially looking forward to:

  • belated birthday dates
  • holiday parties
  • playing tourist in my own city & seeing all the pretty decorations
  • group dinners
  • taste-testing our wedding menu
  • enjoying the smell of our second real itty-bitty Christmas tree
  • sending my annual card that i've redesigned 3 times because I'm crazy
  • gift making & shopping
  • precious time with family
  • watching all the holiday movies my mom has already set out for us
  • celebrating my last official Christmas morning as "a kid" (sad!)
  • & a vacation with Patrick & his fam!

 may your december be filled with countless smiles!