Couple Recent Projects

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I can't show you all the projects in the works right now since some are surprises and some aren't complete, but here are a couple stamps I recently designed. One was a commissioned Christmas gift, and the other will be used for the return address on the customer's holiday cards!


You can see the two different is best for the front / top / left corner of the envelope, and the bigger one is better for the back. Do you have a favorite place to put your return address? I mix mine up. I also tend to draw little doodles on my envelopes. My new thing is adding arrows. What's THAT about? Somebody's gotta keep the postal people entertained, I guess.


If you happen to know which of these is a boarding school friend of mine, don't think you just easily got her new mailing address...because this version is wrong. Ha. This is actually the second time this has happened where a customer has given me an old address (or part of one) as their new address because they're not used to it yet, and still miss the error when seeing the proofs.  I'm going to have to be like, "you suuuuure?" now. But truthfully, I could see myself doing the exact same thing! It's weird how we get used to writing / typing / seeing something over the years. I know I'm going to have a hard time when it's not "New York, New York" for me. I would love to live on a Lane someday, though. It's so much prettier-sounding than a Street or a Road or an Avenue. Yes that's right darling, I live up on the lane!

***Also! I think I'm done with adding new things to the holiday shop since I'm only here until the 21st and homegirl needs to reign it in BUT...I will be adding a small quantity of these simple chalkboard-esque cards soon in case you need any to send! I'm thinking I'll pair them up with a metallic envelope. They're at the press, but I wanted to go ahead and share the look in case you still need some. You've probably already bought yours, and you might think black is so le drab, but on the off chance you find them chic and you're behind the ball like moi, you know where to find me! Will be available soon :)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas